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Book Publishing Services for New Authors

Book Publishing Services for New Authors

Book Publishing Services for New AuthorsBook Publishing Services for New Authors

About Us


Have you written a book?

But not sure what to do next? You wonder how people will learn about your new book, how to publish a book online and also in print form. What about an audio book version? ATX Publishing will coordinate all of those processes for you. Many authors don't know what to do after "The End" is typed. Let ATX Publishing be the company to take those next steps with you and for you. 

Are you the next best-selling author?


Get your book into readers' hands!

Whether your book is work of fiction or non-fiction, a novel, business book or children's book, self-help book or memoir -- ATX Publishing works with a variety of authors. We can help you establish your niche and help build sales, creating an audience for your ideas.


We work with professional editors.

ATX Publishing also provides editing services at a reasonable fee to get your manuscript ready for publishing.

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